Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Funny Middle Child

Yesterday, in the car, my middle one (who is four) very seriously asked me:

"Mommy, when Daddy grows up, will he be the Grandpa that lives with you?"
"Yes, sweetie, he will."
"Oh, he will be such a good Grandpa to my children."

t's so much fun for me to see their little minds figuring things out. For some reason, all of those family relations get a little tricky to figure out. Like Grandma is Daddy's Mom, and when he was little, he lived with her.
That kiddo of mine; she's always thinking, I can't wait to see the things that she writes someday!


  1. What a doll. Love those four year old thoughts.

  2. Oh, I love it! And those purple glasses - I need to get me some of those! :)

    My kids have a hard time with that concept, too - "You mean Papa was your daddy? And he lived with you?" It especially gets confusing when I refer to my mama as "Mama", instead of Nana. Look out.

  3. Found your blog through Anna's.

    Very cool image of your daughter and post.

    I like what you told Anna about "30 is the new 20". I'm 28 and a friend (who's 28) and I were just talking about that the other other day. I think there is some truth to it.

  4. I love these moments. What a sweet question! :)

  5. Awh, that is cute.

    My little guy told my dh while curled up in bed with him last week that he had grandpa hair -- gray hair. *smile*


  6. I need a new post from you!! It's been too long!!