Monday, June 18, 2007

Next to Godliness

Halfway through June, and not a single post - pretty pathetic!

My days have been full of spring, better make that summer cleaning. Being a little sick at the beginning of spring, I'm just now getting around to scraping that gunk off of the laundry room floor and spraying out the kitchen trash can. I'm also wondering why I always find so much junk in my house the week after large trash pickup!

A clean house is a worthy goal that I repeatedly fall short of. But, I've come up with a plan for regular maintainance, and the munchkins will be included in it. We'll conquer this sticky, dusty house yet! Lord willing, that is. For it is only by his strength that I can possibly accomplish it. I would much rather sit here and write to you, but he has called me to care for my family and home. And so, off I go to clean a poop-stained crib bumper for His glory.


  1. One day at a time. One task.

    What matters is the dance. And it sounds like you have the steps in place, and the joy - or maybe just determination - in your heart! ;)

  2. Neat post! We're a homeschooling family, too, and we just finished up 1st grade as well. :)