Friday, March 23, 2007


I recently completed reading Edith Schaeffer's "The Hidden Art of Homemaking" for my book club. In it, she often speaks of a mother's need for creativity. She encourages us that we all have the ability to be creative and that it is in the process of being creative that new ideas are born. Being creative in our homes is a blessing to our family in that it makes the home a lively and cheery place where they are free to also be creative!
On that note, I have recently inherited some dear possessions of my great-grandmother's. She passed away when I was only five. My grandmother is in the season of life where she is scaling back on stuff and downsizing her home. So, she has passed many treasures on to me. I have been the recipient of a plethora of wonderful books, mostly on nature as that was my grandmother's favorite subject! She has also passed to me some projects and materials that belonged to her mother. Among them are:

Some complete and incomplete embroidery projects:
As she got older, she was less able to see well enought to complete these.
The one that says 'Wedded' was intended to be a gift to my mother on her wedding day.

Some vintage fabric scraps which I may just have to use to make a few cute hotpads via Anna's instructions:

And, most precious of all, I can sew these things on the very Singer that my great-grandmother used. It still runs beautifully, I might add.

I am blessed to be the covenant daughter of a believing mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and probably even more! It is a privilage to join in with these generations to serve the Lord in my home.

"The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of his heart to all generations."
Psalm 33:11


  1. Kendra,
    What a blessing! Wait, make that blessings! First, that you are a covenant child that was raised by Christian women. And now, to inherit all of these items from your grandmother. I too, have a few pieces of unfinished embroidery from my great grandma. I also have the start to a quilt that she was making. I need to take the time to work on them. How exciting it would be to use these things in my home. I really love the sewing machine!

  2. Kendra--
    Those are all treasures, indeed. The best treasure, of course, you pointed out, was your believing lineage.
    How wonderful.

    I have inherited my grandmother's sewing machine, and it looks very much like the one you have. It is a treasure to me, too, because she sewed many quilts on it. Be sure to show us your hot pads!!

  3. How wonderful to look behind you and see Christ weaved through the women of your family....

    A blessing and treasure indeed!

    I wouldn't know what to do with a sewing machine....I can't wait to see your creations! :)

    Also, you feeling well there? I hope so!

  4. Those are amazing treasures - you are indeed blessed. How are you feeling, friend? :)

  5. kendra- incredible treasures....both being a covenant daughter and inheriting these wonderful heirlooms with so much meaning. i have been focusing a lot on my roots lately since we have moved to an area near where my grandfather grew up. it has been neat to have that connection lately. my grand-dad did woodworking as a hobby and my son now sleeps in the bed that he made for my dad, so 3 generations have slept in it now....

    now you'll have these wonderful things to pass down to YOUR daughter......

  6. Don't the things passed down to us carry such a special meaning in our lives. I treasure the things my grandmother left for me when she passed, but the spiritual legacy being by far the most important.
    One day I hope to be fortunate enough to inherit the old singer peddle-foot machine that was my great-grandmothers.

  7. hi - my mum still has that exact singer sewing machine that I hope will be passed on to me. You are really fortunate!