Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Cheer

I love our homeschooling life. I love that I don't have to wake, feed, and dress all of my children early each morning to rush out the door. I love that my daughter is learning so much about so many subjects. I love that her lessons rarely take more than two hours of her day. I love that she gets plenty of time with her siblings to play. I love that her afternoons are free to splash in mud puddles created by a recent Spring drenching.

Yes, the Robins are here searching the grass for their worms. Their sweet call of "cheerily, cheerily" really does cheer us up. The sun is out, and children make the season all the more sweet.
Wanna come over and splash in the puddles with us?


  1. Looks like great fun! We'll be over directly. :)

  2. Oh, you must have very warm weather for the kids to have bathing suits on! We're in the 70's here. I'm loving this spring. It generally has not been a favorite time of year for me, but this year, I seem to be "awake".

  3. Looks absolutely delightful! And you make homeschooling sound so appealing. I do hate the fact that students are cramped in public/private schools for 8 hours a day, especially at such a young age. We're thinking about homeschooling ourselves-thankfully, we have a few more years to make up our mind for sure.

  4. i agree...I wouldn't trade our easy-going homeschool days for anything....

  5. Homeschooling is such a blessing isn't it? We love it! Your pictures make me want to let my kids splash in some puddles after the next good rain.(Thinking to self:"Remember Trina, it's all washable"). I'm so bad about not letting my kids make messes. This time will be gone before I know it, I'd better relax.