Friday, March 9, 2007

More on Expanding

If someone had told me 10 years ago that by the time I was 27, I'd be the homeschooling mother of four, I would have laughed. One, because I would never homeschool my kids, homeschoolers are weird. And, two, because there's no way that I would have that many kids by age 27! It's funny how God works, you know:

"The heart of a man plans his way, but the
Lord establishes his steps." Proverbs 16:9

I think that it's easier to see in retrospect, as an adult. The steps that the Lord has established in my life are pretty far from what my plans were. But, he is so good, and his steps are infinitely more pleasant than my silly plans.

He has used his steps to expand my pleasures. I take pleasure in raising my children and caring for our home. I really never thought that I could be a stay at home Mom, until he directed my steps that way. I am often overwhelmed by how gracious he is to not only direct us, but to move our hearts to actually enjoy it!

Today, I realized that he's added a new pleasure to my life. I have always liked plants, but my thumb has always been purple, and I've hated digging in the dirt. That is, until recently. This week, I added a flower bed to our backyard. I did the clearing, the trenching, the digging - everything. And, I liked it! Here is the fruit of my labor.

It's not much, and I ran out of fencing for the back - I'll have to get another roll tomorrow. But, I love my little flower bed. And, I look forward to watching the plants blossom and expand, just like he has expanded my life.

I also found this cute little pot on sale and I couldn't pass it up for the front porch. I've filled it with some little white Begonias.
So, how has He expanded your life?


  1. Kudos to you, mama, for getting on your knees and doing gardening while pregnant! It looks beautiful.
    We've been talking about God "getting you to your Gilgal" in Beth Moore's study "Believing God". Gilgal means "full circle". Much like you I never expected to be a mother at 23 and at 31 have four children and homeschooling--no way!! ;) But I love where He has brought me.

  2. my answer would probably be, "how has He NOT expanded me?" it seems to be a daily occurrence.

    i love your little flower bed.....very pretty and quaint! you must be a lot closer to spring than we are. we still have snow on the ground.

  3. What a question. I agree with Blue Mountain mama, "What hasn't He done? I've always wanted to be a teacher and mother, and by homeschooling my children, I get the best of both worlds! But, there are other things that I never dreamed that I would love to do. Dishes, cleaning bathrooms, gardening, sewing, etc. Yes, I do enjoy the housework. Of course I have helpers, but I love making our house a home for the people that I love. And I love hearing His word, the truth.

  4. adorable happy flowerbed...way to go in adding some color to your days. Lately He has been expanding my view of view has been so small and legalistic in the past and am enjoying more freedom in my view of Him and his vast, all-encompassing love.

  5. I am with bluemountainmama...that is the better question for me....

    I never would have thought that...

    a. I would become a Christian (BORING...)
    b. marry a Christian man (EVEN MORE BORING!)
    c. have kids (YOUR CRAZY, IT IS ALL ABOUT ME)
    d. become a missionary wife (I DONT MAKE MY OWN CLOTHES...)
    e. move to London (GOD BLESS AMERICA)
    f. homeschool my kids (THAT IS WHY I PAY TAXES)

    ......gosh....when did all this happen?

    I could go on and on here. The Lord has overhauled my entire life from the inside out. And has insisted that I accept a mountain of blessings that He has for me. Isnt that incredible?

    I am so grateful. Thanks for the reminder Kendra.

  6. Your purple thumb is on its' way to becoming green! Good for you!
    Yes, bluemountainmama, how has He not expanded me, too?
    Every area - but most especially, realizing that there are much more important things going on around me than my emotions would like to admit. He is so good to remind me. And so are you! :)

  7. Loved the flower bed-that's something I need to do soon!
    How has He expanded me? By helping me realize more and more every day that the world does not and should not revolve around me. That I need to be a sweet savour of Christ to those that are w/in and w/out.