Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, after all the scares of possible premature delivery, I'm still here. I thank the Lord for carrying this baby and me through. Knowing that her due date was close to this day, I have hoped all along to not have a 9/11 baby. It would not have been horrible, but I am thankful that my child's birthday will not forever be associated with a national tragedy.

On this day, six years ago, I remember being a young, first time teacher of the first grade. I remember the headmaster coming to my classroom early to inform me that the world trade center had been bombed, for this is what was believed at the time. I remember the darkness of that morning and the fear of another attack, perhaps closer to home. I remember sneaking phone calls to my husband making plans for picking up our one year old daughter and where we would meet up should anything happen. I remember turning on the radio while my students were at PE to hear the news. I remember dropping to my knees in prayer and weeping over the sudden loss of comfort and safety.

Today, I am thankful that another attack has not occurred. I am thankful to be safe and warm in the very same house, now a little more full of children. I am thankful to know that He who Reigns on High is in control of it all.

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