Friday, August 31, 2007


Perhaps you have already seen this, but today I was thumbing through the new CBD catalog when I came across a new item in the children's Bible section:
Does it not look very like this?Not only that, but this Bible offers "dream girl" sections, "Bring it On" life application quizzez, and "Oh, I get it!" answers."

Why, oh why do Christians continue to copy our mediocre culture?!


  1. Why, indeed. So sad that Christianity has to be marketed as fun hip, and cool.

  2. Yes, and although I didn't include it, the Boys Bible that goes with this claims to "help young men grow "deeper, smarter, stronger and cooler."

  3. I so agree! Unfortunatly this didnt suprise me

  4. Yes, what ever happened to the calling to be separate and special? It does seems more like the trend is toward embracing the culture. Sad.I am encouraged that you as the mother of young children recognize the folly of this line of thinking.