Thursday, July 26, 2007

To believe and obey

I am a member of a conservative, reformed denomination. I consider it a privilage to have a local, bible-believing, gospel-preaching church. Since joining this denomination, I have been increasingly challenged to live my life from a biblical perspective. This means that my opinions no longer matter, that I must live my life according to what the Lord has revealed in his word. With this perspective, there's no more 'I'm okay, you're okay.' There is simply right and wrong.

Many Christians will consider a social issue from a worldly perspective and thoughtfully form their conclusions based upon their own feelings or experiences. But, I can't do that. My feelings and experiences don't trump God's word. His word rules. This is a more rigid way of living. Some might even call it closed-minded. But, for a Bible believing Christian there really is no other option. We are called to believe and obey.

My heart is aching tonight for a fellow Christian, and others like her who have bought into the world's lies on social issues. Believing that a woman has a right to her own body more than a child has a right to his own life is flat out lie. God says that murder is wrong. Period.

It saddens me to discover that even in my conservative little church, Satan is still at work deceiving. I am not angry with this person, but I pray for her that the Lord will change her heart. And, I pray that he will reveal to me other areas of my life where I am not fully submitting to his word.

May he continue to sanctify us until we reach our glory.


  1. "My heart is aching tonight for a fellow Christian, and others like her who have bought into the world's lies on social issues."

    This is why I don't feel that you are closed minded. Your heart is aching for her. You're not judging. You know that without the grace of God you'd be there with her. Keep praying for her.

    BTW, I'd love to know what denomination you belong to. We are OPC, but have also been PCA. Where we live, there are only about 8 reformed churches in the state!

  2. I have been struggling recently with similar feelings for a divorcing couple in our church. In addition to the question of what my response should be, I don't think the church today, in general, knows what her response should be.

  3. Tracy, we are members at a PCA. We used to drive 40 miles to get to one, and just this past year the denomination planted a church in our city only 5 minutes from home - yeah!

    Paula, you are so right. I think that divorce is such a touchy subject within the church, and it seems that few Christians feel it necessary to apply all of what the Bible has to say about it. I remember reading something recently about it that John Piper wrote that was pretty good.

  4. A resounding YES!!! I completely agree. I am sad that we live in a world that buys the lies. Spiritual warfare makes me angry. I get SO angry when God's people buy into satan's lies....when the scales cover their eyes, and they can't SEE the Truth. I pray that God removes the scales from the eyes and hearts of your church.

    Rest in knowing that all things work for the good for those who are in Him. God can take something so horrible and use it to His glory.

    My heart aches for the tiny child--the children--that will never know the blessings of life lived.