Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Getting Ready

The scent of Ivory Snow fills the house as tiny little girl clothes are re-discovered in their rubbermaid boxes. Memories flood my mind of what it was like to hold my firstborn, and what my second daughter looked like in this pretty Christmas dress. What a gift to be able to do it again. What a treasure this new daughter already is.

At nearly thirty-two weeks, I am feeling a sense of urgency about being prepared. So, the office off of our bedroom is being relocated to a corner and the empty room being made ready for our newest little heir. Fabrics are being chosen and fashioned into a new bumper, quilt and curtains. Storage boxes for under the crib are being filled with sweet baby blankets and sheets. Organized chaos is occurring, and I believe that my husband would like to begins seeing more organization and less chaos. So would I...

I'll be sure to give you all a peek when the nursery is done.


  1. Yes!! I want to see!

    One of my favorite parts of preparing for the baby is getting out all the old baby clothes, washing them in Dreft, then folding them all organized in the baby drawers. Then I like to go and look at it all organized periodically, knowing it won't stay that way very long...so fun.

  2. I'm with Andrea. I love the smell of a newborn baby in clothing that was washed in dreft.

    You forget how small the clothes for a newborn are, don't you? I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Oh, whew - I was just thinking I would love to see a picture sometime! :)

    I love that smell, too - so full of promise!

    I am praying for you, friend. Really.