Monday, February 12, 2007

True Love

Weak in the knees
These are all things that we associate with this special feeling we sometimes get for a particular member of the opposite sex. This sometimes violent and spontaneous attraction is what people often refer to as 'being in love.' It seems that many of us have this Hollywoodesque picture in our heads of what love and marriage will be like, should be like. To our detriment, we fantasize about blissful years of being in love; when reality holds stinky socks and stretch marks.
I'm not saying that love doesn't exist in marriage, but it's different. I'm reminded of what our Lord himself said in the book of John:
"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13
There could not be a better picture of "true love." When we love someone, it's not about how they make us feel so much as what we do to make them comfortable. A wife loves her husband by cleaning his smelly socks and a husband loves his wife by getting up far earlier than he would like to go to work and provide for her. We love by letting go of what I want or I need and focusing on what the other needs from us.
It saddens me to see single people who are afraid to get married because they aren't sure if they will always feel 'in love' and that frightens them. Those weak knees do go away for most. But, through obedience, they're replaced with a much greater love. It seems to me that the more I lay down my life for my husband, the more deeply I love him. The Lord ingeniously designed this relationship to be reciprocal and ongoing:
the more we love, the more they love, the more we love, the more...


  1. Beautiful post. Marriage brings the halves together. There may be some folks that are actually called to be single, but I think most are not. The majority have reservations concerning marriage because of poor role models in society at large. The world needs to see happily married folks in the everyday world. Thanks to you and many others in the blogosphere many will have that opportunity.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, sista cala!

  3. Yes, that saddens me when men do not want to commit, or someone does not know if that person is "the one" because they don't live up to their "list" or whatever. A great post for Valentine's Day! If it was only celebrated in that way...

  4. I love this post. Very well written and true. I am going to give my better half a hug now.

  5. very true! and something that's hard to grasp UNTIL you are married. it's a daily LOVE someone, because love is action, not just a feeling. great post!