Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Broken dishes

We often hear of women 'spinning plates.' Well, I can't. I'm completely uncoordinated. Give me more than one, and I'll drop at least one. If our homeschool lessons are going well, then my husband has no clean pants to wear to work. And, if the house is perfectly neat and tidy, nobody knows what's for dinner.
I know that the Lord has promised not to give me more than I can handle. And, I trust that he is good. I've come to the realization that glorifying God during this season may look more like taking my toddler on my lab to cuddle and serving frozen pizza for dinner than having a model home and gourmet meals. I love to cook for my family, and I do believe that an orderly home brings a peacefulness that allows a family to rest. But, life is messy. Although we engage that mess, we will never be perfectly on top of it.
So, may our eyes look to heaven as we long for a time when nothing will break, or need maintaining. All will be right. I'll rest then.


  1. I jumped here from Amys Humble Musings. This is a great post! As a homeschool mom of 5 at home - I often feel like I am spinning plates all day myself. And I am not very good at it. Perhaps one day I will have the time to get it all done. For now I am enjoying the precious time with my children as I do the best with the rest. Some days are better than others but I wouldn't trade them for a different life. It's all good!
    Blessings to you!

  2. I only have one darling to take care of, and I have definitely learned that lesson. We have had to find a bit of a balance between what needs to get done and what we would like things to be since September.

  3. I can completely relate to this! I started posting my weekly menu plan on my blog and that has been helping me, even if it doesn't always work out to make the meal. I just move it to the next week. Somedays are full of unexpected things and things that take time, like discipline.

    It is hard to balance everything at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else either.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I feel this way all the time and it is nice to know I am not alone. Again, thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I feel this way too and knowing I am not alone helps. Thank you!

  6. What a great post!

    I was laughing from the get go...I can spin only one plate (if that)....and I totally relate to the whole you get one thing, you are giving up on something else. Oh well. I am relying also on Gods grace to just complete all the gaps in my life (and those of my kids and husband) when I cant get to everything and everyone...

    And He ALWAYS is overwhelming how He provides! I am so glad that you posted...I have been checking you daily. :) Thanks for visiting me too!

  7. Great post, Kendra.
    What are our limits?
    And what are our priorities?
    Sometimes it's putting the baby down for a nap, putting a video on for the others, and *me* taking a nap...(like this morning)