Friday, December 1, 2006


Recently I've been convicted that I'm not doing a very good job in training my children in the habit of neatness. It suddenly occurred to me that whenever I pick up their clothes off of the floor that belong in the hamper or neatly stored away - I am actually contributing to their habit of sloppiness!
So, Mom's cracking down around here. Toothbrushes go back in the drawer, clothes get put where they belong, beds get made properly and so on. The challenging thing is that whatever I enforce, I must also submit to. This means keeping my things neat and setting a good example by doing it cheerfully.
I intend to be patient. My goal is that sometime in the next year these new habits will be formed and I will not have to remind so often. But, that means that I have to remind myself to remind them for quite awhile. By the time that the girls have it down, it will be time to start training Simon.
It is important to focus on the fact that we can glorify God by being good stewards of all that he's given to us, even toothbrushes.

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