Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Tapestry

"Soon she would be about with them again, light-footed as of yore, loving them, teaching them, comforting them. They would be coming to her with their little joys and sorrows, their budding hopes, their new fears, their little problems that seemed so big to them and their little heart-breaks that seemed so bitter. She would hold all the threads of the Ingleside life in her hands again to weave into a tapestry of beauty."

Anne of Ingleside by Lucy Maude Montgomery

I have loved reading the "Anne" books with my two big girls and am often struck by the sweet truths expressed in them. Just this afternoon, it dawned on me that I am twelve years down with fourteen to go in this journey of parenthood (at least the part where they are small and live at home). We're nearly halfway through weaving this tapestry of life. What a joy it is to have the job of weaver. Pulling in some singing here, piano lessons there, read alouds, spontaneous dance parties, and adventures at the nature preserve. Hopefully, if we stand back and squint a little, those will outshine all of the slugs, dirt and shouting in the end.


  1. wahoo!! Glad to have you back!! Can't wait to get a peak at your heart again:)

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Mindy :)