Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching my sweet five-year-old in her dance class. Normally, the teacher keeps them to herself to help them focus, but she let them have an 'audience' yesterday. My little girl inherited her Mommy's rhythm which means she'll have to work extra hard to be average at this sort of thing. She's not working extra hard, yet. Most of the time she's just a little behind on the moves, or not doing them quite right. Despite this, I adored watching her simply because she's my baby.

As I sat there, a little moved over the sweetness of this class of little girls, I couldn't help but wonder if this is how God often views us. Perhaps he is watching with the amused adoration of a loving parent as we fumble around trying to make the garden grow or get the laundry clean.


  1. i've thought the same about my baby (oldest, but still my baby) watching her in ballet through the one-way mirror. it's amazing to watch them grow.

  2. Kendra, didn't know you had a blog until now! I'll be checking back daily for tons of updates ;-)