Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here We Go

It's that time again. That time when I complain of being too busy and not getting to do things my way. That time when I threaten to take my little family and run away to celebrate things our way. Basically, it's that time again when I act like a total sinner and completely forget the grace shown to me which is the very reason for these celebrations.

For some reason, I am most selfish during the holiday season. Yes, I shrug it off as trying to "protect my children and their holiday memories." But, it's really just selfishness. I think that I know the best way to do things and I don't really want to oblige anyone else. This is a wonderful time for me to practice being gracious, and letting the Lord use me to be a peacemaker. Yet, in the past, I have continually opted for stubbornness and caddy, "can you believe that he..." whispered to my husband.

And so, I am praying for an extra measure of grace. And, I am committing myself to steep this time in scripture that his sweet words might overflow out of my mouth. May this Thanksgiving and Christmas be special, not because of getting to do things my way, but because I am able to reflect the one who is the giver of all good things.

Here's wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving, as you reflect upon God's sovereign grace shown to us through the blessings of living in the Land of the Free.


  1. Is it all selfeishness or is it a desire within us to start our own family and traditions? I don't know sometimes. AS for now, I am "going with the flow" of how things have always been, but as my kids get older, I just might slowly change things...just my thouhgts. :)

  2. Hi, Kendra :) I followed a link from your comment on Dominion Family. I'm a new CM homeschooler, too, and just wanted to say "hi". I enjoyed reading this post. Your transparency was a blessing :)

    Take care,

  3. Mindy, I have often felt just like you. But, this year, I am trying to find a way to carve out time for just our family. It doesn't have to be exactly Christmas morning, it can be Christmas Eve morning and still be a wonderful time for the six of us to worship and celebrate.

    I am hoping that this will help me to be more gracious as we make the rounds and not feel like our holiday was completely unfocused.

    We'll see...

    Jaccim - Hi, thanks for coming by!

  4. Wow! That was a fast reply back :) Thanks so much for coming by my blog!

    First off, I just want to make it very plain that I am *not* a supermom. I'm learning, little by little. We're starting to get closer to the groove I'm after, but just starting to ;)

    You asked about getting it all done, including time outside. I posted to the CM blog carnival about this very thing this week. I also thought that this link


    might give you an idea of how we tick. Especially the "Rainy Days Clean My Toilets" post. But, you know, this is just how we click. We all have so many different circumstances, different hopes and goals. Anyway, I didn't want to ignore your question, but I also don't want to make it sound like I have it all together. I definitely don't :)

    Thanks again for coming by! It's always good to meet another CM blogger :)


  5. we did things a little different this thanksgiving and it was beautiful!! I wrote about it, (kill the motion picture)
    also, I want your opinion, will you read and reply to my Christmas post?? Thanks friend.

  6. What a lovely mindset to be place into. I think I have a bad case of "holiday selfishness," myself. I think your words are very wise...and that I was supposed to read them.

    Thank you!!