Thursday, October 18, 2007


You know, it's amazing how wonderful five solid hours of sleep can feel after a few weeks with a newborn. For two nights in a row now, the babe has slept from 11 pm to 4 am. Then she nurses and goes back down until 7:30 or 8:00. Wow, I can totally handle this! Let's hope that tonight she goes for three in a row.

Yes, I do feel more energized. Enough to even skip my afternoon nap two days in a row. This afternoon, the soft sounds of Hem arose from the small CD player as the little two slept, the big girls cheerfully picked up their room, and I caught up on folding my mountain of laundry. Next, the girls and I did our first art lesson together and enjoyed some quiet drawing time outside in the somewhat cooler Autumn air. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Well, it's not always this way. But, I am thankful for today.

My secret weapon through it all? Coffee. Yes, I have discovered to joys of having both a cup in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I know, I know, caffeine is not so good for you. However, I prefer to believe that God made that little coffee bean just for tired Mamas like me trying to do their job well.


  1. Oh, a woman after my own heart! Coffee is my *vice* around here. I do like your idea: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, instead of 2...or the morning!! *smile*

    And don' t you feel like a new woman after getting all that sleep!! Take it easy, though, still.


  2. kendra- that sleep is GOLDEN, isn't it?? little Sam has done the same schedule as your little one for a few days now- it does help so much. i'm more of a coke zero girl, myself. it's probably so much worse for you than coffee, highly artificial- but so needed right now!
    thank you for making me feel better about the adventure my sarah took on monday. i have been feeling pretty bad about her escape!
    love, laura

  3. I can relate! Sleep is AMAZING, especially after the rough first few weeks! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for visiting.

    I'd love your advice sometime; maybe we can email. I'm at the point where my oldest two are starting to learn to read and stuff like that, but we're not "fully, officially" in school yet. My husband and I are praying about what, when, how, etc. adding a new baby (#4) would look like in the next year or two with the newness of school, etc. I see that you are there, and I'm sure it's crazy but awesome!

    God bless you. I'll be back. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    (Oh, ps - I LOVE HEM, too!)

  4. Yes, I agree--I've come to love coffee as well since having little ones :) I'll be praying that the wonderful nights continue for you!

  5. i agree!
    i always say that coffee is God's grace in liquid form for mamas.


  6. My sister and I both relish our morning AND afternoon cup of coffee!

    and a solid 5 hours of sleep does wonders, for sure!

    so glad you're enjoying your sweet little bundle!!