Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We are blessed to live near a big city with a nice symphony. And, not only that, but this symphony performs children's concerts for three bucks a ticket! So, every year, we get to go to four concerts - it's wonderful.

This morning was a girl's morning in that I pawned off the little man on a friend. (one lap baby is all I can handle on a field trip!) So, the little ladies and I set off for the well-timed, 45 - minute concert. I always love taking my children to hear the symphony. The experience of good quality, live music is one that is so rich and I want for them to be exposed to it as much as possible.

This morning, as I was enjoying the sleeping baby in my arms, and the lovely sounds of Mendelssohn's Symphony #1, I was struck by the beauty of precision. The music wouldn't be nearly so lovely had not each instrumentalist practiced his part to perfection. So often, I am satisfied with 'good enough' in my own efforts. But, my laziness deprives the world of beauty. While we can't truly be perfect, we were told to:

"be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect" Matthew 5:48

And so, good enough really isn't. We are called to strive toward precision which best displays the perfection of our creator and leads to His glory when we give it to Him. May our efforts be our best so that the beauty can be seen.


  1. Kendra: the baby girl is DARLING! i'm so glad everything is going well for you now and hope that you are settling into the new baby routine. i can't imagine how heartbreaking those first few days must have been---the Lord certainly preserved and protected you and your sweet family.

    and regarding perfection: yes, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard---but praise God for grace to help in time of need! ;-)

  2. Um, I've never tried more than one lap baby on a field trip, so I would have to agree that *one* is all I could handle as well!

    What a gift that day must have been! Filling your senses with such beauty, and bringing to light an area God wants to fine-tune in your life.

    A gift. (((Kendra)))