Friday, January 12, 2007


I love seasons. I often lament to my husband that the seasons where we live aren't distinct enough. We usually just get hot and warm here. But, right now it's fairly cool outide and most of the trees are naked, so I guess it's winter.

Anyways, I've been thinking lately about the seasons of life. I often hear talk of this time of raising young children to be a season, but it just recently struck me that there are many more analogies that we could pull from that. It seems to me that we truly do have about four seasons to a lifetime, just like our year.

Life begins in the Spring, when we, like the young plants are just uncurling. As we receive the proper nutrients from our environment and caretakers, we thrive and grow. We may even begin to blossom and bear fruit during this lovely time of rapid growth.

As we mature into adulthood, we also enter the summer of our lives. Life is hot and busy with the raising of children. The days are long and the nights are short. But, the world is green and bright and lovely. This is a wonderful time to experience God's goodness through his creation (our children).

As our children arrive at adulthood and begin to leave the home, we enter the coolness of Fall. This time is crisp and refreshing as we enjoy the fruit of our summer labor. The days are full, but somehow more relaxing and cozy, as we curl up with grandchildren before the fire to read to them and pass on to them the legacy of faith that was passed to us.

Finally, as our days begin to draw to a close, we enter winter. This seems to be a more solitary time. This will be the time when we can spend all day with the Lord in prayer if we like. This will be the time for lengthy meditation and storing up of the word in preparation for our new spring to come as we go to meet the Lord. This can be a lonely time for some, so as we are in our other seasons, let us not neglect those who are in their winter. Let us seek them out for wisdom and company.

As I walk through the hot days of my Summer, I try to remind myself often that these years of raising my children are only 1/4 of a long life on this earth. May I refuse to see them as a burden, but cherish each moment with them as I seek to offer them all of the care and nutrients they will need to be fruitful adults in their summer of life.

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  1. This is a beautiful post and a wise one too. I enjoyed reading it and printed it to hang as a reminder when my days seem long and the nights too short. Thank you for such a beautiful post.