Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sabbath Dinner, cont.

In a previous post, I had mentioned a beautiful website for helping families to really celebrate the Sabbath. It all begins with a special meal on Saturday evening (the traditional start to the Sabbath). The meals and recipes on the website are quite overwhelming to someone like myself. But, I think that I've found a happy compromise. Since our weeknight meals are usually quite simple, I think that I'll make our Sabbath meal a step above those by preparing a whole chicken or roast which could serve as some nice sandwich meat for a pleasant Sunday afternoon lunch. I recently purchased this wonderful cookbook full of simple, seasonal food. In fact, the whole book is arranged by seasons. The recipes in it are definately a cut above ordinary fare in our home and so I think that I'll use it as our primary text for Sabbath cooking for now. The photographs in it are amazing, and the text and recipes are inspiring! If any of you know of an equally lovely cookbook that focuses on a different ethnic style, I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Growing up my mom subscribed to a Time Life cookbook series with recipes from all over the world. When each month's book would show up my parents and our neighbors would go through and plan and cook an entire meal out of the new cookbook. Both dads were in grad school, so this was a real treat since the daily budget was slim. Both families are still close. As I have thought about the sabbath supper suggestion, my mind keeps going back to those meals. The planning and preparation was such a sweet time of fellowship. I have already approached a friend about the doing this once a month.