Monday, December 11, 2006

Just wondering

why all of a sudden so many people think that female nude photographs are okay if the woman is pregnant. I have observed even Christians are falling into this trend of erotic, pregnant photography. I certainly think that pregnancy is a beautiful time to be cherished, and it is appropriate that this time be documented through photography. But, for goodness sake - keep your clothes on!


  1. Yet some are shocked when a breastfeeding mother shows a bit of skin.

  2. I agree! I think if the pose/amount of clothing they have on is not appropriate for when you aren't pregnant, then what makes it ok when you are pregnant.

  3. You know, when Demi Moore did the naked, pregnant thing on the cover of People (?), the whole country was shocked. Now, look at us joining right in. It amazes me how quickly our values can deteriorate! I am thankful for the word of God which is unchanging and gives us such a tool to measure what is good and what is not.