Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The busy season

It seems like this time of year, even more than others everyone wants their little piece of you. An ornament exchange here, a white elephant there, gift exchanges, cookie exchanges, you know - the list could go on and on. And, I'm not very excited about them! I just want to focus on Christ, not get bogged down with purchasing, wrapping, dressing, and getting babysitting. But, I'll go. After all, who wants to be seen as the party-pooping Scrooge?
Through all of the buzzing of busy little elves (do elves buzz?) I am realizing that I'm just not made for organized events. I much prefer more personal encounters like inviting the neighbors over for tacos or having friends join us for our advent devotions followed by a homemade pie and some good conversation.
As the recipient, I've always felt much more loved and ministered to as the special guest in someone's home. It's pretty rare that a big event can produce the same sense of love and comforting. Maybe, if everyone would just take the time that they would have spent on calling the caterors and lining up the speakers and spend it on loving their neighbors we would all feel a little more loved.
I sound so pessimistic, and I don't mean it that way. This is a season to celebrate, and we certainly have reason for great rejoicing. But, in the midst of that rejoicing, let us leave time to share with the hungry family down the street not just food for their bodies, but for their souls as well.

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